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Hi, I am Angie Pierpont, (aka “Angie Muffin”, as one of my clients 3 year old called me) proud mother of three, and have been providing infant care since 1998.  I have been extremely honored to guide many families into the amazing journey of parenthood.

I wear many hats in this industry, so my job tittle isn’t such an easy one to describe!  I am a Night Nanny, a Postpartum Doula, a Gentle Sleep Coach ( trained by Kim West, The Sleep Lady), Cloudb “Where Good Sleep Begins” Speaker, a Dunstan Baby Language Educator for parents, child care providers & Night Nannies!

As a Night Nanny, I saw first hand how parents entrusted their children’s well being and sleep training to their nanny.  However, Night Nannies are not trained in sleep practices or how to identify signs of an underlying health problems.  When I decided to open Sleep Tight, OverNight LLC I made it my mission to work with each of our Clients with babies in the early months (4.5 months and younger) to establish good sleep shaping.  When the child’s pediatrician gives the clearance to sleep train, then I am available to work with each family using Gentle methods.  The reason I chose The Sleep Lady’s training program is because I work one on one with the Parents, and I am there as a support throughout the process.  The key to this program is the fact that you, the parent are doing the sleep coaching.

I absolutely love being a Night Nanny, and getting to share in the joy of the babies first few months of life.  Getting to share my knowledge of newborn care with new parents is the most rewarding aspect of my career.  The bond that grows with each of my clients is remarkable!

Sleep Coaching is my passion! I truly love working with parents and guiding them through the process.  I understand the complete exhaustion some parents are under, and who don’t know where to turn when “Cry It Out” doesn’t work or just doesn’t seem right for your family.

I invite you to call me at 303-471-5272 to schedule a free 15 minute Sleep Consultation for your child, or to speak with me about becoming your Night Nanny!



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