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Hi, I am Angie Pierpont, proud mother of three, and have been providing infant care since 1998.  I have been extremely honored to guide many families into the amazing journey of parenthood.

I wear many hats in this industry, so my job tittle isn’t such an easy one to describe!  I am a Night Nanny, a Postpartum Doula, a Gentle Sleep Coach ( trained by Kim West, The Sleep Lady), Cloudb “Where Good Sleep Begins” Speaker, Infant Mental Heath Specialist, a Dunstan Baby Language Educator for Parents, Child Care Providers & Night Nannies.

What are the symptoms of an overtired child?

Lack of Sleep causes:

~A Cranky Baby, Toddler & Child           ~Mood Problems

~Behavior Problems                              ~Performance Problems

~Slower Reaction Times                        ~Accidents & Injuries

~Feeding Difficulties                              ~Fiery Temperment

~Memory, Concentration & Learning Problems

Many sleep deprived children are misdiagnosed with ADD & ADHD, and then medicated unnecessarily.

 More Than 1/3 of School Aged kids have sleep issues.

 After age 6, it is incredibly difficult to change their sleep problems.

I invite you to call me at 303-471-5272 to schedule a free 15 minute Sleep Consultation for your child, or to speak with me about becoming your Night Nanny!



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