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Bed Time Routines

A good bed time routine is essential for babies, and its never to early to start!

You should spend 15-20 minutes (possibly shorter for newborns) on your bedtime routine, and watch for babies sleepy cues!  If baby becomes overtired and melts down they often have a harder time falling into a sound sleep.  When this happens, the next night try starting your routine 15 minutes earlier and lay them down earlier.

I am often asked if bathing should be part of the bedtime routine, and if it needs to be every night.  Honestly it depends on your child.  If they are already good sleepers, they may be flexible enough to bath one night and not the next.  Children who are having a hard time learning to sleep (or going down to sleep) may not be able to handle the unpredictable routine.  Most children adjust better to the same routine, each and every night.

Reading stories, singing a soft lullabye or saying prayers is an excellent idea just before you lay your child down.  Start this habit early! Whether you breast feed or bottle feed, it is best to feed then read a story (or prayers, or lullabye) and break the cycle of feeding your baby to sleep. There are several great story books out there, but I am currently Night Nannying for twin boys and I found the best prayer book for children.  “Really Woolly Bedtime Prayers” by Bonnie Rickner Jensen.  They are very sweet prayers for a young child, and I read one every night to the boys.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

More questions on Bedtime routines?

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