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Cloudb Where Good Sleep Begins Workshops!

I have had the pleasure of Hosting Cloudb “Where Good Sleep Begins” workshops along with Timbuk Toys.  In case you have not wandered into a Timbuk Toys, they offer a wide variety of toys for learning and you will discover the fun the minute you enter! And when visiting their website make sure to join their email list as they offer many events and specials!

Our Sleep workshops have become very popular, and often sell out!

What can I expect when I attend a Cloudb “Where Good Sleep Begins” workshop?

First and foremost, you will learn how babies learn to sleep through the night, and many ways that you can help them along the way.

Don’t have a baby? Not to worry, I am trained to work with children up to 6 years old.  We will discuss how to establish good, positive routines that will get your child the sleep they desperately need!

Did you know there are only 2 Reasons a child doesn’t Sleep Train? Come learn what those reasons are!


Do you know exactly how much sleep is recommended for your child’s age?  How about how much daytime sleep your baby needs? You will after attending our workshop!  Along with many other tips and tricks to get everyone in your family the sleep you all need.

I believe the biggest benefit to attending the workshop comes after the group presentation.  I take a few minutes to talk to each parent, grandparent or couple that attends and answer child specific concerns (and encourage parents to speak out during the workshop and ask questions along the way).  My final question to them is “Do you have a plan you feel comfortable implementing?” before they leave.

A side note from Angie “The Gentle Sleep Coach” :

Many families just need a little direction getting their children off to the right start, or back on the right path to sleeping thru the night.  This workshop is a great resource and a very cost effective way to work with a “Gentle Sleep Coach”.  The workshop costs only $10, and are booked online through EventBrite and Cloudb. The cost of working with Angie starts at $350 for the phone consultation, $500 for in home consultation (most effective and popular package) as well as the overnight package at $1000 ( Great for parents who have had to overcome their own forms of abuse as a child or as an adult).

Here is one Happy Soon To Be Momma that attended our workshop! Alison was so excited after she left the workshop she blogged about her experience sharing many tips and suggestions!  Read it here!  Please visit her website and check out her blog, she is an amazing life coach and counselor!

Cloudb generously sends each registered guest an amazing gift bag!

I look forward to meeting many more families at our events across Colorado!  Please watch for new dates for Workshops in your area!

Colorado Retailers can host a Cloudb event at no expense, IF you sell the Cloudb product lines in your stores!  Please contact Angie for more details!

cloudb gift bag

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