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We are a family run business, supporting Colorado’s finest families!

                                    Sean and Angie

Sean runs the office and handles all phone calls, so don’t be surprised when he answers!  Whether you are seeking a Sleep Coaching package or my Night Nanny service, Sean can help answer all of your questions and help you get started in the process.  We strive to offer the best customer service and Sean is extremely prompt when returning calls!

Angie is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, trained by Kim West, The Sleep Lady

                 Infant Mental Health Professional (Currently In Training 1/16)

                 Night Nanny & Postpartum Doula (Trained by CAPPA)

                 Cloudb “Where Good Sleep Begins” Workshop Speaker 

                 Dunstan Baby Language Educator

                 Private Chef ( Johnson & Wales University) 

I love all aspects of my training and find they all compliment each other well.  I felt that we could not run an effective Night Nanny Service with out having the best Sleep Certification Training, and that is why I contacted Kim West, The Sleep Lady.  Her wisdom has greatly affected every aspect of our business, and has given me the insight to the health reasons children do not sleep through the night.  I enjoy sharing “Sleep Tips” with the families that use me as their Night Nanny, Cloudb Workshop participants, MOPS groups,  and with my Sleep Coaching Clients.  As a Culinary Graduate, I love spoiling the families I Night Nanny for and bake them up some yummy muffins, cookies and quiche… not to mention all of the Lactation Cookies for my nursing mothers!  Angie is available up to 7 nights a week!

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I am the most Elite, Educated and Supportive Nanny available!

A Night Nanny is not only an excellent support for Mom, the entire family will benefit from a good nights sleep!

I typically arrive at 9 pm and work until 7 am, however the schedule depends on what works for your family.

Many families use Night Nannies 3-7 Nights a week

We have NO minimum requirements, or length of service commitments!

I will do all baby related tasks that you request!

Nurturing your Baby ( Singletons, Twins & Triplets)

Bottle Cleaning & Preparation

Nursery Laundry

Nursery Pick Up & Restocking Supplies

Cleaning Breast Pump & Parts

Sanitizing Toys & Baby Equipment

Baking goodies for the family

Preparing snacks and meals for Nursing Mothers (every time they pump, they should also be eating and drinking plenty of water!)

Mother and Infant Care Practices:

Sleep Shaping (under 4.5 months old), Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

Dunstan Baby Language

Happiest Baby On The Block

 Infant Care Practices

Postpartum Depression Awareness

I am up to date on the following:


TB Test

Whooping Cough Vaccination


Sleep! A full night’s rest is priceless & lowers Mom’s chance/effect of Postpartum Depression

Keeps the entire family running smoothly, while allowing Mom to heal

Support for Mom’s, A great resource to ask newborn care, breastfeeding & parenting questions

Support for Father’s, a great resource to ask newborn and postpartum depression questions (1 in 3 mothers experience PPD)

Lowers the chance of or effect of Postpartum Depression, lessens Anxiety

Allows Couples time to reconnect after the birth

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