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Coaching Services

As a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, Angie is trained to work with children up to 6 years of age.  When purchasing a package, your calls never expire!  You are encouraged to reach out to me as the needs of your child change.  The first 2 years of life are sometimes a challenge for parents.  Isn’t it refreshing to know I’m just a phone call away??
Have you used another local “Sleep Coach”?
Angie is the ONLY Certified Gentle Sleep Coach In Denver.  My Training by Kim West exceeds all other programs.
 I WILL NEVER  tell you “Cry It Out” is an option, or your only option.  If you are hesitant to work with another “Sleep Coach” please give me 15 minutes to tell you what makes my service unique, and most importantly effective.  I can explain to you why other methods you have used have failed your child.

Sleep Tight- Phone OR Skype Consultation $350  *****Price Increase on 7/1/2017

This package is great for families who need a little guidance,

but feel they can handle most of the coaching on their own!

90 minute Phone Consultation,

Assessment of Sleep Questionare  and Issues,

Preparation of Sleep Plan and Schedule for Family

Question and Answer on Family/Child Sleep Issues,

4 Scheduled Follow Up Calls

 Newborn Care Consultation $500

This package is for parents who want to learn all about caring for their newborn!

This In Home visit lasts for 2 hours

~Happiest Baby On The Block- A great soothing method for even the fussiest babies.

~Dunstan Baby Language – I teach you exactly what your baby’s cries mean!

~Swaddling – I’ve never truly met a baby who doesn’t like to be swaddled, just baby’s who aren’t in the RIGHT swaddle

~Feeding – Breastfeeding support and Bottle Feeding Support & Suggestions

~Diapering 101

~Endless Question and Answer Time

~Your Newborn and Sleep – Safety tips, whats normal for newborns and sleep

~4 Scheduled Follow Up Calls on Newborn Care



IN HOME CONSULTATION $500  ***Only Available until 6/15/2017****

This package is exceptional for families who prefer to meet in person,

may have special living situations such as home layout,

Parents that would like me to asses the Child’s Temperament,

Parents that need me to see the light at the end of the tunnel for them!

Lasts 2 hours and includes

A walk through of child’s room

Suggestions For Creating The Optimal Sleep Environment

Review of Sleep Plan & How To  Follow Through

8 Scheduled Follow Up Support Calls


This package includes all of the above IN HOME CONSULTATION PACKAGE

Plus Unlimited Text Support, Unlimited Email Support and Unlimited Scheduled Phone Calls!

 This support is valid until the child turns 6 years old, Children’s needs will change as they grow!

Please note: Angie is not “On Call” and will reply to all inquiries with in 6 hours (daytime) to 10 hours (overnight)

Angie typically works overnight shifts and is awake for part of the night to answer your text & emails, depending on the babies she is caring for!



This is the most in depth package, and a great value for hands on Coaching! 

Exceptional Option for parents that have survived abuse in their own lives!

OverNight Lasts 10-12 hours and includes

90 minute in Person Consultation

( 50 mile radius or transportation fee )

Assessment of Sleep Questionare  & Issues

Preparation of Personal Sleep Plan & Schedule for Family

Q & A on Family/Child Sleep Issues

Walk through of Child’s Room

Suggestions for creating the Optimal Sleep Environment

Review of Sleep Plan & How To Follow Through

I will be there with you when going through the bedtime routine,

and when putting child to bed. Throughout the night we will work

as a team through all waking periods.  It is a great support for parents

who have an extremely hard time listening to their child cry.

 This is not a “Cry It Out ” method but there will always be some crying.

4 Scheduled Follow Up Support Calls

* You will need to have a video monitor for this package*