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What age should I begin teaching my baby good sleep habits?

What age should I begin teaching my baby good sleep habits?

Around 3 months old it is important to establish a good bedtime routine. A good bedtime routine for an infant should be no longer than 30 minutes. A warm bath or massage followed by jammies, a feeding (lights on!), & a short story or lullabye. Done in the same order, at the same time every night. Then place your baby down drowsy, but awake. Dr. Harvey Karp (The Happiest Baby On the Block) recommends jiggling them slightly if they happen to nod of just before laying them down. Let them open their eyes and realize they are in the crib, and then nod back off.
Teaching your baby from an early age, how to fall asleep on their own is the best skill for EVERY CHILD to learn. When the baby is a few months older, they will wake up throughout the night and have the skills to put themselves back to sleep (once they no longer need to be fed, ask your pediatrician).
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