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What exactly does a Night Nanny do?

What exactly does a Night Nanny do?

A Night Nanny typically arrives around 9pm, she talks briefly with the parents for a quick update on the baby’s day. Topics to be discussed are the days Feeding Log ( how much and how frequently did the baby/babies eat? any parental concerns? ) Nap Log ( how often & how long did the baby/babies sleep? ) How is Mom Healing? How is her Appetite? Drinking enough water? Is she Napping when the babies do? How is breastfeeding going or are there any concerns?
What household/baby chores need to be done tonight?
Mom usually is the parent who we chat with most, however Dads need to know that we are available to them for support as well. Often times Fathers will ask newborn care questions, or Postpartum Depression warning signs when Mom isn’t around. Its a great service that we are there to help guide fathers to any support his family may need.
We spend any where from 10-30 minutes discussing the day with the parents. Then they enjoy a hot bath or shower, watch a movie together or go straight to bed! It is time for the new parents to reconnect as a couple, and get a a good nights rest.
Mean while, the Night Nanny will tend to the babies needs till morning. If Mom is breastfeeding, share may pump milk and store it ahead of time. Or we quietly bring the baby/babies into the room to be fed, then we burp the baby/babies and put them back to bed. Its wonderful for Mom not to have to leave her bed for feedings during the night. Most babies will eventually feed every 3-4 hours, but in the first few months the sleep deprivation new parents go through as the baby figures out day from night, makes your Night Nanny your Best Friend!
While everyone in the house is sleeping, the Nanny will clean the nursery laundry ( some nannies do the whole families laundry, & it is up to your nanny if she provides this additional service) restock all nursery supplies, sanitize toys, swings, bouncer seats etc Clean bottles, breast pump parts and prepare bottles for the following day. Some Nannies will clean up the kitchen and do the evenings dishes, but again this is an added bonus to find a caring nanny that provides extra household support!
The Night Nanny does lie down and rest in between feedings, after the household chores are completed. It is essential for the home to be quiet while the family sleeps, and knowing what I do as a Gentle Sleep Coach it is important that the Night Nanny get rest during the night hours.
The Night Nannies shift typically ends at 6-7 am. Again, a quick chat with parents about the nights events and the Night Nanny has done her role to support the new family.
Many of the families we work with have multiples, but a lot of the families have singletons. Many women are waiting to start families, and have amazing careers on top of being new mothers! Sleep plays such a huge factor in how a woman recovers after giving birth. If Mothers do not get the sleep they need, they are more likely to deal with postpartum depression ( 1 in 3 woman have PPD ).
Night Nannies are in the home to support Mothers, Fathers and Families.
Please contact us with any questions you may have!