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What is the best age to move my toddler from his crib to a big boy bed?~

It seems as though at every Sleep Workshop, parents are unsure of when to move their toddlers into their Big Kid Beds.

It varies slightly for each child of course, but the window is 2 1/2 to 3 years old.  Basically, your child needs to be mentally capable of understanding to “Stay In Your Bed All Night Long”.

I recommend putting up the child’s Big Kid Bed, and practicing a few times before taking down the crib.  This will enable you to see if they understand the concept, and allow you to place them back into the crib should you need to.  Remember! Returning to the crib is not a regression, they simply aren’t old enough to understand the rules.  Give them a month or two and try it again.

If your child isn’t quite at this age, and trying to crawl out of the crib here are a few of these suggestions.

~ Put your child in a snug (but not tight!) Sleep Sack.  They are available online at  These sacks actually keep your child from raising their leg over the side of the crib.

~ Purchase an extra deep crib.  They can be found online and are excellent for Tall Toddlers!  Those NBA Families Babies get tall quick, trust me!

~ If your child is a young climber, try for pajama’s that snap together at the knees!


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